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Contract Series Paragraph 16 B

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Paragraph 16B of the Contract For Sale deals with Radon and the condition of the property.  The paragraph looks something like this:


(B) RADON: Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Contract, should test results indicate the presence of
radon in excess of EPA standards for a habitable dwelling, the Purchaser will have the option to terminate this
Contract and receive a return of the earnest money deposit subject to provisions in Paragraph 14 of this
Contract, with neither party having any further rights hereunder. Should Purchaser elect not to terminate this
Contract, the Seller will mitigate the presence of the radon that is in excess of EPA standards for a habitable
dwelling subject to subparagraph 16 (D) below.


Greenville, South Carolina has some of the highest levels of radon in the country according to the EPA website.  Many home inspectors can also do radon testing to see if the radon in a home is below the EPA's danger level.  The EPA says that anything over a level of 4 in their testing is considered a risk.  

According to this clause, if there is radon higher than a level 4 then the purchaser can pull out of the contract have the seller mitigate the issue.  The seller can mitigate the issue by having a radon ventilation system installed in the house that would vent any radon gases out of the house.  New homes come with a ventilation system as part of the house and normally a fan just needs to be added in the attic to suck the radon gases out.  

A radon test normally costs around $150.  For more information on radon visit the EPA's website.

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