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Contract Series Paragraph 16 H

George Clements ~ Greenville, SC Real Estate


Because of the recent change in the Contract For Sale, we have shifted a little in the letters of the paragraph.  I will just start in on the new one in the spot I left off in the old contract.  The biggest change is 16B but the rest of the changes are pretty minor.  The other bad thing is that the contract is now 6 pages instead of 5.  The shorter the better in my opinion.  16H looks something like this: 

(H) RE INSPECTION /MAINTENANCE: Seller agrees to allow Purchaser, or his designee, the right to re-inspect
the Property and to perform a walk-through of the Property, prior to closing, to confirm any personal property
to be transferred or conveyed is on the premises and that any required repairs or replacements have been
made. The Seller will maintain the Property in the same condition, including lawn, shrubbery and grounds, as
on the Effective Date, until the day of closing or possession, whichever occurs first, ordinary wear and tear


This paragraph is basically just laying out the terms of the walk through before closing.  The purchaser has the right to walk through the home sometime before closing to make sure that all the appliances and any personal property being conveed are there and that all of the repairs were done.  

It also makes it clear that the seller is to keep the property in good condition including things like keeping the grass mowed.  Normal minor things that happen to a house are expected like scuffs on the wall etc.  

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