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Contract Series Paragraph 26

George Clements ~ Greenville, SC Real Estate 


Paragraph 26 of the Contract For Sale deals with the acceptable forms of accepting an offer and looks something like this: 


26. Acc eptable Methods of Deliv ery and comm unic ation: The parties agree that the offer,
any counter offer and/or acceptance of any offer, as well as any other notice or response required to
be given, may be communicated by hand delivery, Federal Express or other overnight courier, by facsimile
or other secure electronic means, including, but not limited to, electronic mail. The signatures, initials
and handwritten or typewritten modifications to any of the foregoing which are conveyed electronically
shall be deemed to be valid and binding upon the parties as if the original signatures, initials and handwritten
or typewritten modifications were present on the documents in the handwriting of each party.


This paragraph tells the different ways a contract can be delivered for acceptance.  These delivery ways include by hand, mail, fax, and email.  Completed contracts are usually delivered by fax or email just to get it there as soon as possible.  It is important to get an acceptance of an offer to the other party as soon as possible whether you are the purchaser or the seller.  In the case of a purchaser, you do not want another offer to come in before yours is under contract.  In the case of a seller, you do not want to mess around and risk loosing the purchaser for some reason before you go under contract.  


This paragraph also says that any changes or initials/signatures are completely valid if sent by electronic means such as email or fax.  

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